What is there to do in Castelsardo?

Thanks to the CastelFlowers conventions, you can go to the discovery of the cultural and natural features of the territory taking advantage of special conditions, discounts and discounts with local activities
Wine-tasting within walking distance
Bike itineraries for the “Porto Conte Capo Caccia Natural Park”
Relax at the nearby Spa “Terme di Casteldoria” with hot mineral springs.

Trattoria da Maria Giuseppa

Sardinian specialities of fish dishes and pizza, served in a family-run restaurant with a sea view terrace.

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Basket Weaving

Do you want to learn the art of basket weaving?

At the LU PANERI you can observe the work and learn about the antique local handicraft.

Discounted prices for CastelFlowers guests

L'Arte del Gusto

Pastry – Culinary specialities – Typical sweets from Sardinia

“Taste is a difficult thing to satisfy. If I could choose, I would rather a little place next to paradise, or – even better – just outside its door" (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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Where art, culture and tradition are the hosts. Dafne's Prendas de Janas atelier will enchant you with filigree jewelery, knives, pottery and Sardinian masks.

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Two sisters, Laura and Delia Fiori, are the owners of “Cantina Sorres“. A winery dedicated to creating traditional wines of the area, which are produced respecting nature and the surroundings.

It is also possible to organize these “Social Eatings Sorres” at CastelFlowers. Especially spectacular at sunset, enjoy the view of one of Italy's most beautiful old towns while eating a delicious catered meal.

Discounts for CastelFlowers guests

8 Reasons to choose CastelFlowers

1. Say it with a flower
This is our philosophy. We love nature and therefore want to respect and enhance it, showing our guests all that nature can offer.
2. Excursions
We recommend you visit these magical places during the low season, in spring or autumn: you will be really surprised by the variety of species and colours.
3. Recycling
CastelFlowers B&B is committed to recycling everything possible, and there are different bins for different types of waste at disposal for our guests.
4. Ecology
Our aim is to reduce as much waste as possible in order to protect the environment. For example, we prefer soap dispensers over packaged toiletries that can be wasted after a single use.
5. Special Guest
We welcome artists and people who are actively engaged in the preservation of our planet (www.oceantraceless.com), and we organize meetings for environmental knowledge and education.
6. Public Transport
Our guests always have up-to-date information on public transport, in order to travel without using their own cars.
7. Aperitif Happy Hour (upon request)
We have chosen the best producers of local food—if you would like to make your own aperitif happy hour, just ask us!
8. Extras
For guests who reserve directly with us via phone or e-mail (not via booking.com or Airbnb), we have prepared a special gift, which will vary according to season and availability.